Monday, December 14, 2009

The Note to Jesus

The tree is especially beautiful this year, and front and center is the note that shows up each year... The note was written on fine paper tucked into a pale blue and white envelope with Jesus written in gold on the front. Each year the note gets wedged into our Christmas tree from our hearts to His and goes this way...

Happy Birthday Jesus_
Lord, the little we have and the little we are, we give to You.
We give our love because we know it makes You happy when we love You. We give You our trust because it pleases You when we believe what You say.
Happy Birthday Jesus and thank You for all the wonderful gifts You have given to us. Thank You for being You, thank You for giving us new life, thank You for loving us even when we are unlovable.
How can we ever thank You enough? We love You, and Happy Birthday_
From all of us

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