Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Christmas Quilt

I'll be napping with a new quilt tomorrow after church! John and I have been blessed by the most gorgeous quilt creation and it fits our rustic home so beautifully! Thank you to our dear friends... you are a blessing to us and we love you.Quilt situated on the back of the couch... it looks so perfect! Look at the detail of the stars, you can also get a good look at the quilting from this angle...
I love this backing; a perfect floral...
There is so much detail in the quilt, so many little pieces, it must have taken weeks and weeks to piece all this together.
The houses and the trees are so fitting. When John was younger he would doodle and he would always make the same picture. A house similar to this with smoke coming out the chimney. Love it, love it, love it!
Thank you...

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  1. It is a small return for the many blessings you 2 bestow upon us!!