Sunday, February 1, 2009

God's Purpose For Us

Queen Esther...

Esther is a story of the hand of God's protection and preservation of His people. In the story of Esther, the wicked Haman conspired to destroy the Jews, just as Satan's hateful efforts try to oppose God's purposes for us. The book of Esther shows how God destroys those who try to harm His people and God's sovereign purposes always prevail.

What is your purpose in life? Has there been a Haman in your life trying to take you out or keep you from your divine destiny and purpose?

Esther was a woman of submission, dependence, and obedience to her God given authorities. Because of her humility, she made a way for God's highest purposes in her life and the life of her people.

Speaking of submission, dependence and obedience... I'm learning as the days go on.

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