Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Small Miracle?

Here we are... an unlikely group of black, white and brown in a small southern town, known for its hatred and bigotry. But GOD in His infinite grace and mercy knew we all needed love, forgiveness and acceptance.
And we do...
This is our first bus! We are so proud to have it and thanking God for the gift to our congregation! It really is a miracle how He provided all the funds, plus some!
We initially were doing a fund raiser for a sound system and when we were close to our goal we had a visitor one Sunday morning. The visitor said that his church has just built a new bigger building and purchased a new sound system and he wanted to donate the old one. Wow! It was stored away in a storage bin just waiting for us. He delivered it the following week and all we had to do was purchase 2 new microphones. Is that amazing?
So, the vote in the church was to use the initial money raised for the sound system and continue with a fund raiser for a bus. It may be a time of economic hardship, but you would never know it in our church. Money continued to come in and with the help of churches and ministries in the community we had the funds to purchase the bus. Is God good, or what???
But wait, it gets better!
When John and I were sitting down to write the check for the bus we received a call from south Louisiana... he was sending a check for the entire amount of the bus!!! Unbelievable!
So now we have paid cash for the bus, had the money for the registration and insurance with some left over!
And oh, did I mention that all this took place with the sound system and the bus in the last three weeks?
It may seem like a small miracle to some, but God will provide all YOUR needs, be it the size of the miracle we needed, or someone who needs 30 million dollars for a building project. We serve a huge God!
Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself also in the LORD,
and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

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