Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Governor's Reception


This weekend we had some very special and honored guests at the Keegan-Cook House. Governor Bobby Jindal was among the dignitaries... He flew in by helicopter and landed at a small field a few blocks from here. What a wonderful blessing to have him at our home and to connect with him and with the other elected officials. We thank God for the opportunity and thank the city officials for bringing the business to our town.

Pictured above is my mom, Betty Milner, me, Bobby Jindal, my hubby John, and Mayor of Robeline Tommy O'Con.

This is the front entrance of the Keegan-Cook House and pictured are Missy and Leneigh Hennigan.

We had plenty of food as you will see in the next few pictures...

Summer fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, dips and relishes.

Cascading vegetables. And over 100 beautiful home grown tomatoes. Thank you Kathy, they were delicious!
Cheesecake squares.
Dessert table with chocolate covered strawberries, and cheesecake squares.
Mini meat-pies, melt in your mouth cheese pinwheels, and little smokies wrapped in bacon and brushed with sweet b.b.q. sauce.
B.B.Q. Brisket, rolls, specialty breads, and pasta salad.
Pictured here are Missy and Leneigh Hennigan. Their mom Kim and the two of them are responsible for these luscious chocolate covered strawberries. They were as delicious as they were beautiful! Thank you!
Here is John welcoming our first guest... Mayor Tommy O'Con.

Pictured here is Mayor Wayne McCullen, me and my mom, Betty Milner. Where's dad? He's missing out on all the pictures.

Pictured above are Police Juror Jesse Hoffpauer, Mayor Tommy O'Con, Sherriff Victor Jones, Mayor Wayne McCullen, Senator Gerald Long, Governor Bobby Jindal, Representative Rick Nowlin, and Mimi Stoker.
Rudy Hennigan with Bobby Jindal. Rudy is responsible for the photography. Thanks Rudy!
Behind the scenes where all the real action takes place! Mom and Kathy Ellzey preparing the delicious food for 100 people. John's mom is not pictured here because she had some blood pressure problems and John took her to the hospital Saturday. She's doing much better and should be home soon.

City Clerk Betsy Jordan, Kim Hennigan, and look, there's dad!

Pictured above are Kathy Ellzey and Missy Hennigan... two of the most important honored guests and two of those that made it all happen. Without them no one would have had anything to eat! Not pictured are the other honored guests, Betty and Sherrill Milner, James Carter, Dana O'Con, City Clerk Betsy Jordan, Kim and Leneigh Hennigan.

Pictured above from left to right: John Jarvis, Natchitoches Mayor Wayne McCullen, Representative Rick Nowlin, Betty Milner, Sherrill Milner (he finally made it to the photos!), Paula Jarvis, Sherriff Victor Jones, Senator Gerald Long.

And they're off! The secret service, the state troopers and Governor Bobby Jindal are headed off to the helicopter and to their next destination.

Here's my wonderful husband John on the back porch.

It was a really nice weekend and we are thankful that God was mindful of us and we are thankful for the favor God has shown us.

Psalm 115:12-13The Lord has been mindful of us; He will bless us; He will bless the house of Israel; He will bless the house of Aaron. He will bless those who fear the Lord, both small and great.


  1. God has placed you before kings ~ you have been faithful and He is honoring you precious friends! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. With much love, Maureen & Lance

  2. Rudy did great on the photography, and everything turned out so well! Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

  3. Wow,,, Totally awesome!