Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evening Visitor

We had a sweet little old lady visit us recently. She came by way of the back porch looking for some dinner. She didn't find anything in the bird feeders so she scratched around in the planters looking for any nuts the squirrels may have planted. Though the vigorous scratching took its toll on her, she just stopped and took a little nap in the ivy planter for about 5 minutes. She awoke when we opened the back door to greet her and made her way around the house stopping to eat under one of the bird feeders on the side yard. John followed her for about a half hour and then she was on her way to her next stop, probably to the neighbors house. We did warn her however that our neighbor isn't as friendly with wild life as we are around here.

God be with you little lady, be careful.

What a pleasant end to a good day...


  1. Sure hope she doesn't come OUR way! DH is not too friendly on critters, either.

    Another wonderful Sunday for us, too. I finished the quilt, and will put the binding on tomorrow. Blessings to you both!

  2. We don't have any fruit trees for her to ravage like you do at your house. Our viewpoint would probably be different if we had harvest to protect!
    Bless you!!!